"... if you can keep it."
“… if you can keep it.”

Our Approach

At REDFED.com, we love America and the Americans that make us the greatest country on Earth, where the Federal government’s authority is restricted by our Constitution to ensure priority of our individual rights.

We’re not a politics feed – we’re a thinker site.  We analyze issues with a focus on the question of good governance.   Is the policy in question constitutional and lawful?  Is it fiscally responsible?  Does it respect the priority of individual liberty?  The important questions are always right vs wrong and liberty vs oppression, not Right vs Left.

Sometimes, we throw out a fun topic that has no political slant, because along with our freedom of life and liberty comes the freedom to pursue our happiness.  So have some fun with us.

If you care about your liberty in this, the greatest republic and preserving the freedoms we enjoy for the sake of the coming generations, join us in the dialogue!

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